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陈绍华Chen Shaohua
职位:董事长 艺术总监地址:深圳福田保税区福年广场 B栋 536室

Mr. Chen Shaohua is one of the most representative designers in China nowadays. Since enrolled in the Xi’an Fine Art Academy on 1972, he was participating and leading almost all the development and reform on graphic design activities of modern China.

As the earliest professional designer, Mr. Chen Shaohua opened first private commercial design studio in Shen Zhen, southern China. Before this career, he was doing the job on exhibition, advertising and movie graphic directing. In 1978 he entered the Central Art and Design Academy of Beijing for the systematic education with traditional Chinese decoration art. After the graduate, Mr. Chen went back to Xi’an Fine Art Academy for teaching and education research on modern graphic design, in which he bring up numbers of graphic designers whom are now the majority group of modern Chinese design field.

As the first educationalist that advocates reform on Chinese Design Education, Mr. Chen provides his Olympic Candidate City logo for Beijing on year 2000. This logo design is the most beautiful sign on Olympic history, which demonstrate the Olympic spirit perfectly and be consider as a great success because of no much criticism but only praises add to it. Mr. Chen also taking the visiting professor for several universities, his Bolg was visited by thousands students and designers everyday as well. Beside these, Mr.Chen Shaohua also put great effort on Chinese Designer’s benefit.

作者:陈绍华 Chen Shaohua

类别:设计的社会性实践 - Design for Social Practice

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作者:陈绍华 Chen Shaohua

类别:品牌形象 - Brand Image

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