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超语境 Global Context










Type is the product of our culture, and it is based on the context of message that we want to deliver. Characters, typeface and fonts are the elements of typography, and we strive to make our visual communication more efficient by devoting creativity into our typography.


As the Internet makes its way into our daily life, culture exchanges one another; we live in adigitized world, and have experienced the transition of the mediums of oursenses. Therefore, today’s application and cultural force of typography, as well as the expression of aesthetics all become more demanding than ever.Designers will keep on the exploration and experiment of native writtenlanguages, but also based on humanity, and put the result of typography into abroader global context, to explore, test and communicate.


However, there are problems that we must face in this internationalized world. How does typefacein different languages answer our rapidly evolving international world? Howdoes the uniqueness of different languages affects designers’ decision? How dowe balance between the specialty and commonality of typography? What are the similarities and differences of type design techniques between eastern and western written languages? What chemistry can we find between type design techniques across eastern and western world?


We try to answer some of these questions by inviting professionals throughout the world. Using their own background and beliefs, we can discuss different opinions in type design aswell as their reasoning. What are the challenges we face? What will be the next typeface design trend? And what type design below “Global Context” will looklike in the future?




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Brand Typefaces - the Heart of Strong Brands.








演讲者 Speaker


博 · 琳内曼(丹麦 / 日本)

Bo Linnemann (Denmark / Japan


自二十世纪八十年代初以来,博 · 琳内曼影响了丹麦和国际的设计。他先后17次获得丹麦设计奖,并获得了许多国际设计奖项。最近,他获得了丹麦国家银行周年纪念基金会颁发的荣誉奖,以奖励他为开发平面设计并发扬其传统,长期以来所做出的努力,以及在丹麦与国外取得的艺术成就。


博 · 琳内曼负责为世界各地的多家公司和机构进行品牌设计和推广计划,其中包括MOVIA、DSB、丹麦的大多数国家部委,包括丹麦皇家外交部、丹麦银行、香港的PMQ以及最近的新嘉士伯基金会。作为设计和排版领域的国际典范,博 · 琳内曼在韩国、中国、以色列、卡塔尔、南非、英国和美国的多所大学授课。他曾任丹麦皇家美术学院建筑学系设计研究专业的教授,且自2006年以来,一直担任东京武藏野艺术大学的客座教授。


Bo has influenced Danish and international design since the beginning of the 1980s. He has been awarded the Danish Design Prize 17 times and has also received numerous international design prizes. Most recently he received the National Bank of Denmark’s Anniversary Foundation Grant of Honour for his artistic achievements and longstanding efforts to develop the graphic design tradition, both in Denmark and abroad.


Bo has been responsible for design and branding programs for companies and institutions all over the world, including Movia, DSB, the majority of Danish Ministries, including the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danske Bank, PMQ in Hong Kong andrecently the new Carlsberg Foundation. As an international icon in design and typography, Bo has lectured at universities in Korea,China,Israel,Qatar,South Africa, the UK and the USA. He has also served as aprofessor at the Institute for Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, and since 2006, he has been a visiting professor at Musashino Art Universityin Tokyo.


部分作品 Major Works









演讲题目 Presentation Title



DAO of GUZHUO: Practice on Chinese Typography




演讲者 Speaker


蒋华 (中国)

Jiang Hua (China)




Jiang Hua, PhD, was born in Zhoushan, Zhejiang in 1973. He started to study traditional culture and Chinese art since childhood. From 1996 till now, he has been focusing on curating, criticism and practice on the base of graphic design. Jiang Hua is professor of Design School, CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), the founder and curator of IGDB (Ningbo International Graphic Design Biennial, 1999-2015), and an AGI member.


部分作品 Major Works









演讲题目 Presentation Title



Typography: Shaping Understanding




演讲者 Speaker



Keith Tam(UK)




Keith Tam is a typographer, information designer, researcher and educator. He is Associate Professor at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, UK, where he heads the MA Information Design and MA Creative Enterprise (Communication Design)programmes. Keith’s research and pedagogy focus on the inter relationship between typography and information design, with particular interest in how people interact with and form impressions of complex documents, especially multilingual ones. Wayfinding is another strand of Keith’s work, including wayfinding in architecture, urban space, as well as tourist information. Inaddition, Keith has a background and interest in calligraphy, lettering,typeface design, as well as graphic design.


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演讲题目 Presentation Title



Lucas Fonts










卢卡斯 · 德格鲁特(荷兰 / 德国)

Lucas de Groot (Dutch / Germany)


卢卡斯 · 德格鲁特是一名荷兰籍字体设计师,以其所设计的具有等宽字体甚至阿拉伯文变体的超级字体家族 The Sans、The Serif、The Mix、The Antiqua 而著名。他为众多出版物设计了定制字体,例如德语出版物 taz、《德国日报》(die tagezeitung)、《明镜》(Der Spiegel)和《丛林世界》(Jungle World),法语出版物《法国世界报》(Le Monde) 和 Metro 以及巴西报纸 Folha de S.Paulo,并为 Sun Microsystems(太阳微系统公司)、Bell South(贝尔南方)、Heineken(喜力)、Volkswagen(大众)和Miele(美诺)等国际知名公司设计了定制字体。在微软系统中,他开发了Consolas、Courie 的后续字体和 Calibri 以及 MS Word 中新的默认字体。


卢卡斯 · 德格鲁特的身份是一位父亲和丈夫,还是一位插图画家和多种技艺大师。作为专业的字体设计师和字体微调爱好者,他发明了插值设计字重的理论。他在柏林经营造字机构 Lucas Fonts,并在全球各地授课和举办讲座。




Dutch type designer Luc(as) de Groot is best-known for his superfamily Thesis:The Sans, The Serif, The Mix, The Antiqua, with monospaced and even Arabic variants.He designed custom fonts for periodicals such as taz, dietageszeitung, Der Spiegel and Jungle World in Germany, Le Monde, Metro, and the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo; and corporate type for international companies like Sun Microsystems, Bell South, Heineken, Volkswagen and Miele.For Microsoft he developed Consolas, successor for Courier, and Calibri, thenew default typeface in MS Word.


Luc(as) is a father, husband, illustrator and master of many crafts. As adevoted type technician and hinting lover, he invented the Anisotropic Topology-Dependent Theory of Interpolation. He runs his type foundry Lucas Fonts in Berlin,teaches and gives lectures around the world.


Designers across the planet love the enormous range that Lucas’ fonts offer; they are attracted by their functionality and friendly appearance. Some also appreciate the idiosyncrasies – a quest for extremes that lead Luc(as)  to the narrowest, thinnest, wittiest and fattest typefaces around.


部分作品 Major Works










演讲题目 Presentation Title



Creating a New Image







Masayoshi Kodaira(Japan)


艺术指导 / 平面设计师。

古平正义1970年出生于大阪,于1997年创办了FLAME机构。其平面设计工作室位于东京,主要工作包括“Laforet 原宿30周年”和“Laforet原宿大型集市”广告形象,东京艺术博览会的标志设计,为位于代官山全新的茑屋综合大厦设计墙面艺术品,为三宅一生旗下品牌BAOBAO设计的产品,为横滨美术馆、水户艺术馆和原当代艺术博物馆设计海报和目录等,并且自2012年8月起,担任“滚石”公司海内外的艺术指导。古平正义曾获得D&AD银奖、ONESHOW银奖和东京艺术总监俱乐部奖。


Art Director / Graphic Designer, FLAME inc.

Born in Osaka in 1970, Masayoshi Kodaira went independent in 1997 founding FLAME Inc. The Tokyo-based graphic design studio's work include "Laforet Harajuku 30-Year Anniversary" and "Laforet Grand Bazar" ad campaigns, logo design for Art Fair Tokyo, wall artwork in the brand new Tsutaya complex in Daikanyama, a collaboration with Bao Bao Issey Miyake, posters and catalogue designs for Yokohama Museum of Art, Art Tower Mito and Hara Museum of Contemporary Art among many others as well as art direction on the Japanese issue of "Rolling Stone" from August 2012. Kodaira is a recipient of D&AD Silver, One Show Silver and Tokyo Art Directors Club awards.


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演讲题目 Presentation Title



Hanzi as The Source of Inspirations: From Visualizing Thoughts by Typography to The Imagination of a Universal Sign System.




演讲者 Speaker



高木毬子(德国 / 日本)

Mariko Takagi (Germany / Japan)




她充当西方文化和日本文化,特别是拉丁语和日语 / 汉语之间的使者。高木毬子曾在香港工作了6年(2010-2016),担任香港浸会大学视觉艺术学院的助理教授。她从拉丁语言环境来到了一个双语环境(拉丁文和汉字),这种转变使她对文化、语言和文字产生了新的灵感和见解。2016年,她出版了《日语汉字设计》这本书,她在书中探究了日语文字书写系统在字体排印中的视觉和语义表现形式。2017年4月,高木毬子搬迁到京都,担任日本京都同志社女子文化艺术学院的副教授和研究员,继续从事其研究工作。


Mariko Takagi is a German-Japanese typographer, an author and designer of books and an educator. 


She acts as an intermediary between the Western and Japanese cultures ingeneral – and between Latin letters and Japanese / Chinese characters inparticular. Mariko Takagi spent 6 years in Hong Kong (2010–2016) where she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. This move from a Latin letter based environment to a bilingual (Latin letters and Chinese characters) gave her new inspirations and insights to culture, language and scripts. In 2016 she published the book “Kanji Graphy” in which she explores the Japanese writing system in regards of their visual and semantic expressiveness in typography. In April 2017 Takagi moved to Kyototo continue her work as an Associate Professor and researcher at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts in Kyoto,Japan


部分作品 Major Works









演讲题目 Presentation Title



Language as Typography




演讲者 Speaker


崔瑟杞 & 崔圣旻(韩国)

Choi Sulki & Choi Sungmin(Korea)


崔瑟杞 和 崔圣旻 是在韩国首尔执业的平面设计师。他们为许多文化机构和个人创造了图形标识、宣传材料、出版物和网站,包括亚洲文化中心剧场、三星美术高原博物馆、首尔国际艺术节(Festival Bo:m)、建筑师大众研究、莎莎艺术家(Artists Sasa)和米娜公园艺术馆(Park MeeNa)。从2010年至2013年,他们曾担任宝马古根海姆实验室的平面设计师,这是由古根海姆基金会和宝马公司联合发起的一项雄心勃勃的项目。


崔瑟杞和崔圣旻已经在国际舞台上展示了他们的作品。2014年,他们创建了出版物Off-White Paper并举办了展览会,成为布尔诺平面设计国际双年展不可或缺的一部分。同年,他们入围Hermès Foundation Missulsang(爱马仕基金会)。他们的作品被韩国国立现代和当代美术馆(韩国果川)、香港当代艺术馆(M+香港)、库珀·休伊特国家设计博物馆、史密森设计博物馆(纽约)和装饰艺术博物馆(巴黎)所收藏。


崔瑟杞 和 崔圣旻 两人均在国际上很多机构广泛举办授课、讲座和研讨会,例如沃克艺术中心、布尔诺双年展、宁波国际平面设计双年展、罗德岛设计学院和耶鲁大学等。崔瑟杞任教于韩国桂园艺术设计学院,崔圣旻任教于首尔大学。


Choi Sulki and Choi Sung Min are graphic designers working around Seoul, South Korea. They have created graphic identities, promotional materials, publications and websites for many cultural institutions and individuals including Asia Culture Center Theater, Samsung Museum of Art Plateau, Festival Bo:m, the architects Mass Studies, the artists Sasa and Park MeeNa. From 2010 until 2013, they worked as graphic designers of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, an ambitious project jointly initiated by the Guggenheim Foundation and BMW.


Sulki and Min have have showns their work internationally. In 2014, they created a publication and exhibition Off-White Paper as part of the International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno. In the same year, they were shortlisted for the Hermès Foundation Missulsang. Their work is included in collections at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea(Gwacheon), M+ (Hong Kong), Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum (New York), and Musée des Arts Décoratifs(Paris).


Both Sulki and Min have widely taught, and have delivered lectures and workshops internationally, at such institutions as the Walker Art Center, Brno Biennial, Ningbo International Graphic Design Biennial, Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, and Yale University. Sulki teaches at Kaywon School of Art & Design, and Min at the University of Seoul.


部分作品 Major Works








论坛时间 Event Time


9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

April 23rd, 2017 


论坛地点 Event Location

中国深圳市南山博物馆 会议报告厅(南山大道2093号)

Lecture Hall of Nanshan Museum, 2093 Nanshan Ave. Shenzhen,China


论坛主持 Forum Presenter


Bao Bin


论坛特邀学术主持 Specially Invited Academic Presenter


Sammy Or










China TDC 2017  系列活动免费开放,欢迎参与!






China TDC 2017


Typographic Design in China


活动信息 Event Information



Typographic Design in China Invitation Exhibition


2. 中国近现代字体应用文献展

Typography in Modern China



"Global Context" International Typography Design Forum


2017 / 4 / 23 (星期日)9:30 AM 开幕


Shenzhen Nanshan Museum


2093 Nanshan Ave, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


总顾问 Principal Consultant


Li Xiaogan


总策展 General Curator

韩望喜 / 许礼贤

Han Wangxi / Xu Lixian


执行策展 Executive Curator


Yenken Tang


策展团队 Curatorial Team

刘永清 / 宋博渊 / 郭东 / 管普查 / 张昊 / 曾令波

 Liu Yongqing / Song Boyuan / Guo Dong / Guan Pucha / Zhang Hao / Zeng Lingbo


论坛策划 Forum Planner


Bao Bin


论坛特邀学术顾问 Specially Invited Academic Advisor

王粤飞 / 柯炽坚

Wang Yuefei / Sammy Or


论坛策划团队 Forum Plan Team

宝斌 / 梁佳 / 赖映南 / 邓海桂 / 汪松

Bao Bin / Liang Jia / Lai Yingnan / Deng Haigui / Wang Song


文献展特邀策展 Specially Invited Curator of The Document Exhibition

蔡仕伟 / 应永会 / 张弥迪

Cai Shiwei / Ying Yonghui / Zhang Midi


组委会 Organizing Committee

许礼贤 / 宋博渊 / 郭东 / 管普查 / 张昊 / 曾令波 / 邓海桂 / 邓远健 / 顾正友 / 鲁晓勇 / 梁佳 / 汪松 / 王江涛

Xu Lixian / Song Boyuan / Guo Dong / Guan Pucha / Zhang Hao / Zeng Lingbo / Deng Haigui / Gu Zhengyou / Lu Xiaoyong / Liang Jia / Wang Song / Wang Jiangtao


执行团队 Executive Team

汪松 / 邓海桂 / 鲁晓勇 / 梁佳 / 王江涛 / 廖波峰 / 赖映南 / 林楚微 / 程雨濛 / 李嘉欢 / 蒋述友 / 吴珂 / 叶豪华 / 钟愉

Wang Song / Deng Haigui / Lu Xiaoyong / Liang Jia / Wang Jiangtao / Liao Bofeng /  Lai Yingnan / Lin Chuwei / Cheng Yumeng / Li Jiahuan / Wu Ke / Ye Haohua /  Zhong Yu


学术委员 Academic Committee

王粤飞 / 陈绍华 / 韩家英 / 毕学峰 / 张达利 / 黑一烊

Wang Yuefei / Chen Shaohua / Han Jiaying / Bi Xuefeng / Zhang Dali / Hei Yiyang


顾问 Consultant

龙兆曙 / 董继湘 / 孔森 / 韩湛宁 / 马深广 / 曾军 / 冯志锋 / 杜峰松 / 朱德才 / 刘永清 / 宝斌

Long Zhaoshu / Dong Jixiang / Kong Sen / Han Zhanning / Ma Shenguang / Zeng Jun / Feng Zhifeng / Du Fengsong / Eric Zhu / Liu Yongqing / Bao Bin


展览形象设计 Exhibition Design


Yenken Tang


主办机构 Organizer


Shenzhen Design Week Organizing Committee


承办机构 Undertaking Organizer


Shenzhen Graphic Design Association


指导机构 Guiding Organization


Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Office


协办机构 Co-Organizer


Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association


Shenzhen Nanshan Museum


Beijing Founder Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Beijing Hanyikeyin Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

深圳市多媒体行业协会 SMIA

Shenzhen Multimedia Industry Association


支持机构Supporting Organization


College of Design Shenzhen University


School of Art and Design, Shenzhen Polytechnic


Cheung Kong School of Art & Design of Shantou University


Shenzhen Momagi Cultural and Creative Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Your Sky Cultural and Creative Co.,Ltd.




Shenzhen Yuntaida Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Magicimage Culture&Media Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Zhongying Technology Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Yumkava Industry Co.,Ltd.


AWJS Notes Wine


Dongguan Hyacinth Paper Co.,Ltd.


ShenzhenVHarmony Printing Co.,Ltd.


Stechcol Ceramic Crafts Development (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.


Shenzhen Zizai Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.


支持媒体Support Media


《Art & Design》Magazine


《Package & Design》Magazine

《Design 360°》观念与设计杂志

《Design360°》Concept and Design Magazine





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